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We provide maximum efficiency and safety when working with your freight.

Our company specializes in transhipment and handling of bulk, general and parcel cargo.
At the moment we collaborate mostly with the companies dealing with transhipment of Ferro Alloys.
As it is known, this type of freight is capricious and requires particular attention to quality and safety of the transhipment.


At the moment we offer the most up-to-date range of warehouse services:

  • storage of goods at covered warehouses (2500 m2)

  • weighting of goods by using the certified weighting machine

  • storage of goods at open area (7500 m2)

  • pre-packaging of goods into big-bag type bags and also unpacking

  • dissipation of goods into fractions and screening-out foreign matters/elements

  • marking your goods and packages

The covered and open warehouses contain separating blocks of “LEGO” type for more qualitative and effective storage.


Our clients are offered experienced and professional shipping agents, who provide continuous shipping according to the principle “7 days a week/24 hours a day”, offering the complete set of agent’s services.

The shipping services offered by the company “Ferro Terminal” Ltd, include but are not limited to:


  • pilot orders;

  • preparation of documents for vessels coming in and out of the port;

  • monitoring of vessel loading and unloading operations;

  • delivery of services to the captain/crew when the vessel is in the port;

  • crew change, transportation services;

  • organization of household services (deliveries, bunkering, repair operations, cash delivery, medical assistance);

  • gathering of shipboard wastes, cargo wastes, dirty water and ballast water of the vessel, which is contaminated with oil


  • calculation and payment of taxes and customs duties;

  • representation of the client in the customs institutions;

  • payment of taxes and duties instead of the client;

  • consultations in the field of customs;

  • preparation of transit, export and import declarations;


Our company offers a wide range of stevedore services of the highest level and also, to maximize the effective quality of services and safety of freights, the company collaborates with independent surveyor companies.

Giving us an opportunity to forward your freight means that you highly appreciate your time and trust our experts, who in their turn will do the best of their power to register, to process and deliver your freight as smoothly and safely as possible at minimum expense.

We offer delivery of goods using the principle of “DOOR-TO-DOOR” by maritime, automotive and railroad transport.

The company “Ferro Terminal” has concluded direct agreements with Latvian Railroad that make it possible for us to effectively and quickly deliver freights using railroad transport.

We also have partners in CIS countries that help us provide qualitative delivery and unlimited control of your freight or goods along the whole route.

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